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Types of Appointments

As previously detailed the engineering personnel have a wide range of experience within the industry both in the UK and Overseas, and since its

formation the Practice has operated in many varied roles within the industry including the following :-

Part of a Contractors design team on “Design and Construct” type projects.

An integral part of a Client appointed composite design team, on full, abridged and or performance duties together with design and management projects.

Advisors to “end user” Clients which involves acting for and on behalf of the Client in the preparation of briefing documentation and project managing the works following appointment of a design team.

Directly appointed lead consultants for “end user” Clients responsible for appointing and co-ordinating other specialist consultants as required for the project.

Directly appointed Building Engineering Services Consulting Engineer responsible for the condition survey of existing facilities and preparation of reports advising as to the recommended scope of works and budget costs for the improvement and / or upgrading of the systems installed.

CDM Co-ordinator on contracts primarily involving Building Engineering Services works, undertaking all duties associated with that

appointment, in accordance with the requirements of the CDM regulations

Part of a Specialist Contractors team responsible for all aspects of Building Services Engineering system design development.


The documentation produced by the Practice utilises the latest office computer software, including desk top publishing and the Microsoft office

professional packages. This is further supported by engineering design facilities including :-

AutoCAD, CAD Drawing Package.

MEP 3D CAD Building Services Drafting Package

Cymap building services design software.

TAS Thermal Modelling and Part L Calculation Software and other specialist software packages for Design

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